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Once you get used to programming spring web services, it will be as easy as coding a JAX-WS based framework. After enjoying soap web service development with Spring, I decided to make my own article that will get up and running spring web services from contract to security.

I assume that you have already gone through Part 1 of spring web services documentation, especially the Chapter 3 of the reference.

HFFUpdate From Mo Test.main(HFFUpdate From Mo package; import parsers. Logger; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation. Autowired; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation. This is not supported: Spring-WS 1.5 only works with the Spring-WS 1.5 OXM jars.Spring-WS 2.0 will work with the Spring 3.0 OXM jars, as it will not have its own OXM anymore.It requires knowledge of SOAP, xml schema, xml frameworks, and marshallers.Despite the learning curve, the reward is so rewarding.The included contains two profiles for input xmls) The content is identical, however on the different xml files, the namespace declarations are defined in the root element in one file, and on every element on the other file.