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Dating violence is a big problem facing today’s population of young adults.
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Dating a bipolar and heroin

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Talking about her battle with heroin addiction, which is under control and which supermodel daughter Cara has also spoken publicly about, Mrs Delevingne said: 'I think Cara has been honest. She reveals that her problem was once so bad that her own father, the late Sir Jocelyn Stevens, spent 'half his life' trying to track down the people who were feeding her addiction, which began when she was a young debutante under pressure to shine in high society.Pictured recently at middle daughter Poppy Delevingne's 30th birthday party at Chiltern Firehouse, Pandora, who's currently running a pop-up store at her house, says that she rarely goes out since turning 50'My mother’s an amazingly strong person with a huge heart, and I adore her.People with bipolar disorder experience radical shifts in mood.These “episodes” can last for days or weeks at a time.

He is waiting for me to interrupt – to affirm that I, too, am appalled. You call them regularly, hear the latest on Sophie and the baby. This phase will pass; Sophie will come to see that you have changed. Media coverage of drug use had shifted, or so it seemed to me, to meth.

Many people with an addiction have a co-existing mental health condition such as bipolar disorder.

Once known as “manic depression,” bipolar disorder causes mood swings between intense emotional highs and lows.

As recently as last year, an episode left her so debilitated that she considered taking her own life.

She added that when her depression is in full flight, death seems a preferable choice to life and has admitted in the past that her high profile daughters, supermodel Cara, model and socialite Poppy and mother-of-two Chloe 'have had to live with me being too ill to mother them'.