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Select LINQ to SQL class, rename it if required and click Add. From the server explorer, just drag and drop the Employees table into the LINQ to SQL designer to create the Data Context class and other necessary classes required for the database operations.

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They even have queer You Tubers and vloggers like Ingrid Nilsen, Hannah Hart and Troye Sivan, to clarify things further.

Back in the olden days, of course, things were different.

He is — don’t hate me, Zac and Ike fans — the most vocally talented in the group Hanson.

I was 13 years old when I developed an obsession with Taylor, which lasted for longer than I care to admit.

In the beginning of their online relationship, Thomas presented himself as an 18-year-old man named "Tommy" who was in basic training and later deployed.

His wife ended the deception when she discovered Thomas' online relationship and wrote "Jessi," letting her know that there was no "Tommy." The two continued to chat, even after this.

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The Office of Fair Trading says about 28 million adults are targeted every year by fraudsters.

Like the similar CATFISH, it explores the pitfalls of internet dating and the many lies and deceit behind the typical cyber relationship.

TALLHOTBLOND plays a lot like a Hollywood thriller: it's lean and terse, never outstaying its welcome, and it packs a number of twists worthy of M. Sure, some of the editing decisions are a little odd - not least the 'beyond the grave' narration - but there's no denying the shocking, sad and disturbing events of the tale.

Revealing a shocking true crime story that shows the Internet's power to unleash our most dangerous fantasies.

The best documentaries seek to teach us something about the human condition and Barbara Schroeder's TALLHOTBLOND does just that.